Back or neck pain? Here is your solution...

Back, shoulder and neck pain are what we treat most. And yet, we would much prefer if you started adopting habits to avoid getting those.

Back and neck problems often are the result of bad posture during long hours at the desk or in meetings. While evolution did not predict office jobs, you can do a lot to maintain a healthy posture at work.

Good posture is not hard work. In fact, as I like to say: Good posture is for the lazy. However, you do need to untrain bad habits that you have built up and maintained over many years.

Alexander Technique

Alexander technique is a different approach to improving back health. It is very focused on every day movements. With only six sessions of 45 minutes you are set up with a thorough understanding of how to hold your back and neck in a healthy way while sitting at your desk, exercising or just chilling out in front of the television.

photo of Cristina Codina demonstrating neck movement details to a client

You can see Cristina for complete set of 6 x 45 minute one-to-one posture training sessions.

While these sessions will teach you all the important principles of a healthy posture based on the Alexander Technique, your personal posture challenges will be addressed in each session.

You can also book a single 45 minute session to deal with your most urgent posture issues.

A single session is £55. A set of six sessions is offered at 10% off, i.e. £297 instead of £330.

Cristina has years of experience of working with office workers, but has also worked extensively with ballet dancers, classical musicians, lawyers, doctors, and sports and fitness professionals.

Cristina Codina Llavina offers one-to-one Alexander technique sessions at the mittelmaier clinic. Email us if you would like more information or book a first session right here:

What to expect

Throughout the lesson, you will be asked to sit down on a chair, lie on a couch, and walk around. It is best if you just wear whatever you wear during a normal work day.

In your first session, Cristina will discuss with you any postural problems and injuries you may have and then proceed to check how you use your spine when you sit down on a chair and get up from it. She will then explain to you the main concepts of how to use your spine and your whole body in a healthy way. Constant review will give you a feeling of accomplishment already in your first session.

The equipment used in the room consists mainly of a simple chair, a treatment couch to lie on, and a large mirror so you can see the corrections Cristina gives you and the improvement you are making.

Conditions that can improve with Alexander Technique

There are a whole range of conditions that can potentially benefit from one-to-one Alexander technique lessons. Here is a list of some of them.

  • back pain
  • incorrect posture
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • repetitive strain injury
  • muscle tension and stiffness
  • anxiety
  • stress related conditions
  • sciatica
  • joint problems
  • breathing issues
  • public speaking
  • arthritis
  • insomnia
  • digestive problems
  • asthma

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